Monday, December 2, 2013

Episode #9: Archive Episode. Open topics and new ideas

Welcome to the archived link of Episode #9 of Get Bent the Podcast.
We cover all types of topics this in this show. Phil introduces two new segments he has cooked up including " Douche of the week" ( first honors going to Rick Dyer) and also "Get Bent Babe of the Week" ( first honors going to Jennifer Caywood) .. Congratulations to both! I had nothing to do with that . I think we figured out I'm the tech guy and he's the social one out there talking to y'all. I stay mostly recluse and work on this type of shit but am always watching from a distance. So back to it the run down on the show!
I gave a brief synopsis on the brand new documentary from Director Ro Sahebi titled "Dead Bigfoot : A True Story"
Which is based on the widely popular "Sierra Kills" encounter featuring Justin Smeja,Bart Cutino,Shawn Evidence and Ro Sahebi plus tons of guest appearances by folks who were involved with the making of thus excellent documentary in which I will be doing a full blog post on as soon as I'm done with this one so I won't go into it to much. Also on the show we announced the return of Leroy Blevins this Sunday night at 11 pm eastern and 8 pm Pacific and this show will also be huge because Leroy always brings the goods and this one is no different! Dropping some knowledge on a subject I know little about.... Noah's Ark and apparently more than just Noah's...tune in to find out! Blog coming soon with links and times. Later on in the show we get a little crazy with the sound bites and then call it a night . Hope to see you next week !Until then Get Bent y'all ! In a good way ! - J-me Stlu

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