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Well i'm the other half of Get Bent the Podcast. I'm Philip and i'm from the great land to the North known as Canada kids. At present I live in Texas a little outside of Houston. I lived in Canada (Montreal) till I was about 26, in those years I played mostly hockey from the day I could walk, as most Canucks did. I lived in the East End of Montreal and played for the dreaded EEBC, East End Boys Club. We were a collection of misfits from good to bad to broken homes, but we had one thing in common.....We could Puck eh...There were few Peppers (Frenchmen) allowed in EEBC. Most teams were made up of good old catholic boys like myself and the evil Prods (Protestants). Again our common bond was Puck. I also played High School and City Hockey as most kids played for at-lest 2 leagues every winter. As you grew up you also played for the rough and tumble Industrial League which could comprise of 18 year old's and 50 year old's on the same team. It was a collection of those starting a dream and those still trying to hold to their's. Most games in this league would start around midnight on a Friday or Saturday night. My down fall like so many others was my love of the opposite sex and with my new found love hockey started to take a back seat. Not to bore you with to much detail I moved then to Texas in 1983 and have lived on and off here ever since. I do love all things weird may it be Bigfoot, Loch Ness, Thunderbirds, Lizard Men, or married women....wait is this on....merde only joking. I get into the unknown and love to think outside the box. I've always strived  to ask the odd question or the off the wall question to get a reaction. I've always said what I feel and hate to be BS'd. I don't like to ambush a guest, but may do so if I think I am being played. The truth is out there one way or the other, most don't want the truth or may find it uncomfortable. I never liked to follow the leader or a gang but would rock the boat, hell I can't friggin even swim. I do look forward to all of you listening in on Jamie and myself's show for I feel we bring a unique blend of truth, comedy, fascinating guests and subjects, and my intellect and humor lol.......So all of you get ready to Get Bent....

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